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ESH Policy

Environmental, Safety & Health Policy (ESH)

Arima Lasers Corporation is a company dedicating to research, design and manufacturing of laser diodes. Through proper use of resources, risk management, and staff’s physical and mental health protection, ALC continues the improvement of the ESH performance. ALC fully understands its social responsibility and commits to establish an audit and review system in order to minimize the impacts that may be caused by ALC’s products, activities and services. ALC will reach the goal of sustainable development by the following actions:

Sustainable Operation:

Apply effective ESH management system to achieve the goal of continuous improvement, to fulfill our responsibility to customers, employees, shareholders, and the society.

Comply to the Regulations :

Compliance with international and local ESH laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements.

Energy saving and waste reduction:

Improve the effectiveness of pollution prevention with cherishing the assets of energy. Reduce industrial waste and to create high-quality green products.

Hazard Prevention:

Implement injury and illness prevention, health evaluation and promotion. Reduce incident frequency to ensure safety of all persons having access to the workplace (including employees, suppliers, contractors, and visitors). Build a safety, health and nearly zero hazard work environment.

Comprehensive Communications:

Implement Environmental protection, safety and health concepts to employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors. Implement ESH communication and awareness training to enhance the environmental protection, safety, health awareness, and emergency response ability.

ISO 140001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

CNS 45001:2018