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Enterprise recruitment

Join Arima Lasers. Being part of Arima Lasers Corp. is more than a job. It is working to enrich digital lifestyles with optronic innovations, and that message holds true to not only our customers but also our all employees. In ALC, we believe that in order for our business and products to be developed and improved, our employees need to grow professionally, so will ALC.

  • R & D design

    Electronics / machine, optoelectronics, physics, materials and other aspects of the completion of research and development who are interested in design

  • Engineering Technology

    Electronic / mechanical and other related by the completion of the manufacturing engineering technology are interested in

  • Information Management

    Information engineering and management phase management system completed, all kinds of programming languages and network systems

  • Business Marketing

    Business management, international trade, business relationship with the completed, English, Japanese fluency, are interested in business work

Our career opportunities and current available jobs are listed on the employment section of our website. To be considered for a position with ALC, you can apply online.