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ALC successfully developed “ALOTouch” laser optical touch module

Publish Date:2009-08-13

In order to respond to the touch panel boom brought up by Windows 7, and to solve the high cost issue on large size touch screen, Arima Lasers has successfully developed a new generation of optical touch solution, named ALOTouch (Advanced Laser Optical Touch) module.

The ALOTouch module consists 2 sets of light transceivers, which contains IR laser source and linear sensors. The finger position can be calculated by Trigonometric algorithm. In comparison to the other touch solutions, the optical touch methods are especially suitable for the screen larger than 15 inches. Moreover, since the laser light can be collimated by a specially designed optics to a very thin layer flying closed to the screen, the energy efficiency is better. This is a benefit to the portable devices like NB; and easier to be upgrade to ultra large screen, such as 32 inches or more. 

Contrary to the traditional optical touch, ALOTouch module detects the reflected light directly from the finger, not the finger shadow. It does not need the special designed reflecting frame therefore saves the cost. The height of the module is only 4.5mm at this moment, thin enough to be embedded in the screen.

We believe that the ALOTouch module will facilitate the large size touch screen market applications, such as the interactive education, business presentation, electronic advertisement, etc. Multinational patents pending. Debut demonstration will be in the Taitronics 2009 exhibition booth number L015.